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What is the 8-week body challenge?

The 8 Week online body challenge is a 8 week fat loss program designed to change the way you look at dieting and exercising, to stop with the yo-yo fads and to learn how to take control of your body.

But you won't just learn how to, but you will lose body fat, become more toned, and be fitter after only 8 weeks.

Why do you need it?

You're fed up of starting a diet, losing a few pounds, only to put it back on. Not understanding how it works, therefore not having the tools to take your body into your control.

You deserve more than that.

Instead of waiting 6 days, and 23 hours until your next session to ask a question, you can ask me on demand, online. Better yet, you don't even need to fit my diary, schedule or location to get the results you want.

Can anyone enter the challenge?

This challenge is designed for individuals who are seeking a start up guide in training and nutrition without having to spend countless hours in the gym, or commit to a personal trainer long term. This challenge is perfect for those who want help to achieve their health and fitness goals efficiently and effectively. 

Say goodbye to wasted time and hello to results with the 8 week challenge

What do you get?

Weekly Check-in

Workout program for at home or gym access + running plan

Nutrition Plan including personal calorie and step targets

Accountability from on-demand contact through WhatsApp

From your bodyweight to a pair of dumbbells, a few bands from amazon to full commercial gym access, I've got you covered.

"Cerith is an absolutely fantastic PT and coach.
He is both extremely supportive and also challenging during sessions to ensure you’re getting all the benefits.
His methods / coaching techniques are there to help you in the long term and can honestly say have benefited me over a number of years.

The self belief he gives you too can not be under estimated. He has helped me achieve things that I didn’t know I was capable of. Always on hand to answer questions and give advice too. Without doubt one of the best Trainers around.
Would highly recommend 👍"
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Is there a winner of the challenge?

One hard working individual will achieve great results, but also will WIN 100% of their money back by winning Best Transformation.

Sign up by clicking the button below, and once you get your payment confirmation, I want you to message me through WhatsApp, using my mobile number, once you do, I will send you a welcome video.

Looking forward to work with you.

It's only 8 weeks, what is there to lose?

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